The Angelique in Camden Harbor at Dusk, oil on linen, 24x30

Eric Rhoads’ “Publishers Invitational” 2013



 Plein Air painting at its’ finest !
On location, June 2013,  in the Adirondack Mountains, New York
With the Eric Rhoads’ Publishers Invitational

We had great fun, great camaraderie as 100 artists gathered
from all across the nation
to paint and hang-out in the mountains.

Here are some photo snippets of our 5 days together……


CW Mundy
Painting at The Flume


CW Mundy
Plein air painting with the “Hoosier Boys”


Lunch Break
Lunch Break


CW Mundy
Another lunch break


Meeting New Friends
Meeting New Friends


CW Mundy
“The Plein Airs” Bluegrass Band


And the same time next year, June 17 – 22, 2014

Publishers Invitational

“Paint The Adirondacks”



Charles Warren Mundy