Don’t Bug Me, oil on linen, 16×20


C.W. Mundy

C.W. Mundy, performing on Banjo, Resnick Resophonic Banjo, Lead & Harmony Vocals.

Alice and Scott Vestal

Musicians Alice and Scott Vestal are featured on the album. Scott plays rhythm guitar on track 7 and Alice provides lead and harmony vocals on tracks 4, 7, and 10.

Chris Brown

Several featured musicians including Chris Brown on drums.

Jeff Autry

Musician Jeff Autry on Lead & Rhythm Acoustic Guitar.

Randy Kohrs

Randy Kohrs on resophonic guitars, lap steel, and harmony vocals.

Eamon McLoughlin

Several featured musicians including Eamon McLoughlin on Cello and Viola.

Todd Parks

Several featured musicians including Todd Parks on Acoustic Bass.

Jim VanCleave

Several featured musicians including Jim VanCleve on Fiddle.

Daren Shumaker

Several featured musicians including Daren Shumaker on Mandolin.

The musicians at the Digital Underground Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Right to Left: C.W. Mundy – Banjo, ResNick Resophonic Banjo, Lead & Harmony Vocals Daren Shumaker – Mandolin Eamon McLoughlin – Cello & Viola Jim VanCleve – Fiddle Todd Parks – Acoustic and Electric Bass Foreground: Scott Vestal – Digital Underground Recording Studio, Nashville TN.


Charles Warren Mundy