You Want Fries With That Shake, oil on linen, 24×30

Road Trip

World-renowned painter, C.W. Mundy, is expanding his artistic scope through his debut CD, Road Trip. The 16-track recording of all-original music (and artwork, of course) features Mundy’s banjo talents, as well as his musical composition skills. It is scheduled to drop August 2nd, 2011, on his newly-created label, Moon Surf Records.

“Road Trip has been a dream of mine for the past 10 years,” CW enthusiastically explains of the multi-genre CD, which truly is the culmination of his vast musical experiences and influences, ranging from jazz and blues to bluegrass to what can possibly be described as lite island techno.

“My life is wrapped around creativity. I’m not happy unless I’m creating.” – C.W. Mundy

Recorded at Digital Underground Studio, a facility in Greenbriar, TN, belonging to long-time friend and revered banjoplayer, Scott Vestal, Mundy knew he was the perfect choice to help make that dream a reality. Bringing in some of Nashville’s most prominent musicians, including Randy Kohrs on resonator guitar, lap steel, and vocals, Chris Brown on percussion, Jim Van Cleve on fiddle, and Alice Vestal on lead and harmonyvocals, to name just a few, the CD is exactly that: a dream come true.


Charles Warren Mundy