Identity Theft, oil on linen, 16×20


What others are saying about Road Trip:

“I first met CW at the Frontier Ranch festival almost 20 years ago. I had just started playing and it was my first road trip to a major bluegrass event. CW made a real impression on me, a true creative spirit- simultaneously ferocious and light hearted. It’s a pleasure to hear his artistic voice finally captured on this debut recording. ”

– Noam Pikelny, Banjo “Extraordinaire”

“It was an honor and a pleasure for me to work on this project with CW. As a banjo player myself, it’s inspiring to hear an artist such as CW write and play music for the banjo, and he does play it well, with great tone and a youthful enthusiasm. This music is a joy to listen to and as much as I have listened to it, with pre-production, recording, and mixing, it is still at the top of my play list. I just love the melodies he comes up with.

The accompanying musicians are some of the best anywhere and I think they really pulled off what CW had envisioned for his debut solo project. It was also a true blessing to get to hang out with CW as he is so positive and inspiring. I heard this sentiment many times from the other musicians on the session.

Good job buddy…..It was a blast working with you.
God bless you CW!
Your friend,
Scott Vestal”

– Scott Vestal, Banjo “Extraordinaire”

“Charles Warren Mundy is an American artistic treasure. I have been privileged to own one of his fine paintings which was the cover for a jazz banjo album I recorded in 1982. It only figures that his artistic talent for music exhibits the same awe-inspiring integrity and originality as is found in his painting. Listen to his delightful arrangement of “Road To Damascus.” It is only the beginning of the satisfying musical journey provided by this new CD. “Moon Surf” is also one of my immediate favorites as is “Midnight In Cambria” for its matchless melodic charm. Mundy has given us a superb window into the heart of a true American artist and his contribution to 5 string art is not to be missed.”

– Pat Cloud, Legendary Banjo “Extraordinaire”

“CW has been a great friend of mine for many years, and I couldn’t be more proud of this project. A gifted artist on many levels, CW has delivered an amazing variety of tunes that everyone will love. So grab your board, lay back and listen to the cool sounds of “Road Trip”. Surf’s Up!”

– Tony Wray, Banjo and Guitar “Extraordinaire”

“I knew you were an awesome artist……I just didn’t realize that was also the case regarding your banjo playing!!!”

– Jim Mills, Banjo “Extraordinaire”


Charles Warren Mundy