The Angelique At Camden Harbor, oil on linen, 24x30

ART RENEWAL CENTER 2020-2021 Award Winner

Hyacinths, Flow Blue & Brass

CW Mundy was honored to be a Finalist in the STILL LIFE category.
Art Renewal Center International Salon Competition 2020-2021.

“Art Renewal Center International Salon Competition is the most prestigious realist art competition
in The Americas and perhaps in The World. “

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  1. I would very much love to sit silently by and watch you paint. If there is ever such an opportunity please let me know. I would happily provide tea/milk and cookies.
    I encountered your work for the first time today at the gallery in the Meridian Kessler area and was swept away. Your pieces are out of my price range or I would have taken them all home! The nighttime boat… The children sledding… The still life behind the desk downstairs… Really beautiful:)


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Charles Warren Mundy