It’s no surprise that expensive art gets stolen. In fact, this made the subject of many successful Hollywood movies. Let’s see what are the most expensive paintings that got stolen in real life and what you could do to prevent this from happening.

The Concert by Vermeer

This painting was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990 and it’s still missing today. Vermeer’s painting is valued at £130 million and it’s believed to be the most expensive painting that was never found. The owners offer a reward of £3.2 million to the man who has information that results in recovering this magnificent work of art.

Le Pigeon aux petis poix by Picasso

Worth more than £20 million, this painting was stolen in 2010 from the Museum of Modern Arts from Paris. There is a reward whose value is not disclosed but the painting wasn’t found yet and it’s unlikely it will ever be. Unless the thief sold it to a very wealthy individual, the piece of art could have been destroyed.

Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuene by Van Gogh

This Van Gogh piece of art has been stolen from the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam at the end of 2002. It’s quite impressive how they did it. Two professional thieves got inside the building through the roof and left with 2 paintings of Van Gogh that were valued together at £25 million. The heist took only a few minutes. The second stolen painting was View of the Sea at Scheveningen. They are still lost in spite of the £870,000 reward that was offered for the painting.

High end securityburglar

When you own art worth millions of pounds, you have to invest heavily in security. It’s true that all of the above paintings were stolen from museums but there are plenty of artworks owned by individuals.

In this case, it’s recommended you go with high tech security solutions like cameras with motion detectors and night vision, alarm systems connected to a reliable security firm, keyless door locks and safes that open with fingerprints or retina scans. You might also want to invest in bodyguards who ensure the safety of your property if you are a wealthy individual living in a mansion.

For all of you who don’t own expensive art and need regular security measures, we suggest starting by replacing any degraded locks. Always call a locksmith to take care of that. Not only they’ll get the job done faster but you will rest assured that the lock is properly installed. Check out this website to see the average prices charged by professional locksmiths in the US:

Here’s what you should look at when choosing locksmiths:

  • proximity to your house
  • 24/7 availability for emergencies
  • car lock service
  • competitive prices
  • regular discounts and client loyalty programs
  • licensed professionals depending on the laws of the state you live in
  • accreditation issued by the Better Business Bureau