July Sunset 20x16 ©CWMundy

July Sunset 20×16 ©CWMundy

Raking The Fields 16x20 ©CWMundy

Raking The Fields 16×20 ©CWMundy

 I drew Raking The Fields in on the canvas right side up, then turned both the canvas and the photo upside down, held the photo in my hand, painted in the shapes on the canvas. I then turned it rightside up, and made corrections and placed detail where needed. The majority of my work is “from life” but when it’s a situation where the subject will not pose for you, you have little choice. To paint this from life, you’d have to wait until it came around the field each time with 10 minute intervals.

And regarding July Sunset…This 20×16 “upside downer” was inspired by Dennis Sheehan’s work, especially sunsets, and also conversations with Dan Gerhartz. This is not an actual scene, I made it all up….I drew it from my imagination rightside up, then painted it upside down, then corrected it rightside up to make it believable. It’s all about the mood. Thank you Dennis and Dan for your inspiration…you guys are awesome !