Melissa Just Turned Four 20x16 ©CWMundy


Natalie At Two 20x16 ©CWMundy

CW ‘s new inspiration and adventure – trying his hand at portraits. And his goal is “50 heads” mostly “from Life”, to see what improvements are possible.

Here are #8 and #9, painted from his own photos. Just 41 more to go !

CW’s recently read books that have inspired – Sherrie McGraw’s The Language of Drawing and David Leffel’s  An Artist Teaches and lots of books on Rembrandt… Also conversations with Dan Gerhartz and studying his beautiful book Not Far From Home .

CW plans to take a day workshop on drawing at Weekend With The Masters  and attending the panel discussions and lectures on painting from life and other important topics. What an opportunity to study portraits and drawing with some of these tremendous painters ! Check out the schedule at their website…..Weekend With The Masters in September in Monterey, California!

CW in The Studio