An excerpt from the Judge’s statement:

My decisions for awards ….I looked for paintings with an impressionistic and emotional spirit but also held together with the artistic disciplines….proper drawing, design, value, color, edges.

In order to judge the show as fairly as possible….. I did not look at the paintings on-line or in the catalogue or magazines prior to seeing the paintings (with artists’ names covered)  for the first time in person in the Richland Gallery…..

C.W. Mundy

October 7, 2010


AIS Officers La Nell Arndt, Mary Garrish, Kathy Cooper, Best of Show Winner Forrest Formsma, and CW

Ashlee Comerford, Denver, Colorado takes 2nd Place Award

For the complete list of award winners……..American Impressionist Society.

CW’s Still Life Painting Workshop in conjunction with American Impressionist Society !

A Great Group of Artists!!