Brass Teapot, Pomegranates, Flow Blue Pitcher, and Pear, 9x12 ©CWMundy


Brass, Flow Blue, Pomegranates, and Pear (Rearrangement #2) 9x12 ©CWMundy


Copper, Flow Blue, Pomegranates & Pear (Rearrangement #3) 9x12 ©CWMundy


Favorite Flow Blue Pitcher, Pomegranates & Pear, With Brass Pitcher (Rearrangement #4) 9x12 ©CWMundy


Brass Pot, Pomegranates & Pear, With Flow Blue Sugar Bowl (Rearrangement #5) 9x12 ©CWMundy


A fun and experimental series of 9×12 paintings,  all done “from life” with palette knife and use of color !

(Rearrangement #1)  The first in the series !

(Rearrangement #2)  Switched to a different brass teapot.

(Rearrangement #3)  Switched the brass Dutch teapot for a copper one,
and  mixed a fresh batch of “pot color”, working the complimentaries, with a
warm light lime green background against a warm pink tabletop.

(Rearrangement #4)  What would happen when I scumbled with Kleenex and soft edged certain things
with my Rosemary Brushes long flat Mongoose? It’s the softer side of the previous (3) 9×12’s.
Experimentation brings on growth and passion !!!

(Rearrangement #5) The last in this palette knife series, all done “from life” as usual.